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  • Jim Hutchins, OD, FAAO

    Convergence Insufficiency is at least as important as excess. Helping the lay person understand accommodation and convergence issues-which are very difficult for the lay person to understand and also challenging to explain adequately- is very important, especially in the Information Age. The awareness of this whole concept is nil, and eyecare providers have ignored the whole issue and swept it under the rug since forever. It isn’t 1950 anymore, and we do our patients a huge disservice by continuing to ignore this. Accommodative/convergence issues are seldom diagnosed and dealt with, which affect reading comprehension and performance in the classroom, affects productivity in information age jobs (“flying a desk” and staring at a computer screen all day), and causes needless eye strain, fatigue, and headaches in those who are studying a lot. Up until recently, the only time eye doctors did anything about this was with accommodative esotropia. Anything else in this department was considered a non issue...

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